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Thanksgiving Resources

Nov 25, 2014

It’s Thanksgiving week! I can’t believe the holiday season is already here. If you’re anything like me, you’re frantically putting together your menu for this week. I’m hosting a large group in my tiny NYC apartment, so it’s all about easy and efficient this year!  I’ve compiled a few of my Thanksgiving posts here for those of you who still need a little help pulling that menu together.


A comprehensive list of my go-to recipes for each dish you’ll be serving at Thanksgiving! 



Mix and Match Thanksgiving Stuffings (4 different recipes!) 




The dish I look forward to most every year at Thanksgiving and a few of my family traditions 




My Mile Pie Apple Pie recipe (along with my perfected pie crust techniques!) 




Have a happy, safe, and delicious Thanksgiving everyone!






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Mock Thanksgiving

Nov 04, 2013

If you know me well, you know that my family always throws a Mock Thanksgiving around this time of year. It’s been a tradition for years, and one that I look forward to every late October. We like Thanksgiving so much in our family that we throw it twice! This time around we weren’t scheduled to visit home for the Thanksgiving holiday this year, so my parents came to us and we celebrated at my place.


With the help of my mom and sister we had this Thanksgiving dinner pulled together in under 2 hours which felt so nice and easy. It’s almost like because it wasn’t REAL Thanksgiving, the pressure wasn’t as intense and everything felt very doable. We also didn’t get caught up in placecards, platters, and pretty details which we often do. Sometimes it’s refreshing to keep things simple even though those details can really make an event feel special. We made our favorite family dishes like our traditional Cranberry Salad, Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Maple and Pecans (new cookbook recipe!), Stuffing with Sausage, Apple and Pear, Smashed Potatoes, and fresh rolls. The only Thanksgiving sin that we committed was that we opted for ham instead of turkey. With all of the turkey talk coming up this month, I was actually pleased as punch with the ham on my plate. It was delicious!


Here are a few shots of our simple holiday dinner that lived up to the yearly hype! The evening included good food, family, and conversation. What more can you ask for?!


IMG_3855 IMG_3868 IMG_3872 IMG_3886 IMG_3890 photo 3

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Cranberry Honey Butter

Nov 26, 2012


Yield: 1 1/2 cups of butter



2 sticks (1 cup) unsalted butter, softened
1/2 cup cranberry sauce (homemade preferred)
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup powdered sugar
1/4 teaspoon finely grated orange zest
Pinch salt



In a large bowl, combine the butter, cranberry sauce, honey, powdered sugar, orange zest and salt, and beat until light and fluffy. Taste and adjust seasoning, if necessary.
Refrigerate up to 2 weeks. For gifting, pair with homemade rolls, scones, muffins or cornbread.

To print this recipe and read reviews, click here.

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Thanksgiving Essentials

Nov 08, 2012


Can you believe that Thanksgiving is only two weeks away? It’s my favorite food holiday and it’s time to start thinking about what your lineup will look like this year. I’ve pulled together some of my favorite turkey day recipes that live on to share with you and hopefully get the wheels spinning on what your menu will be composed of. I’m a fan of sticking with some of your family favorites and throwing in a few new recipes to keep things interesting.


Easy Herb Roasted Turkey: This my friends, is as easy as Thanksgiving turkey gets. This recipe is as simple as it is delicious. If you’re intimidated by cooking a turkey, this is the recipe for you. No brining, no basting, yet fantastic results. I’ll be doing something really similar for my own turkey this year. If you’re cooking for a smaller group or prefer the white meat (like my mom always does), consider this Cranberry Apple Roasted Turkey Breast recipe. The glaze is soooo good and you could even use the yummy glaze on whatever size turkey you’re roasting this year.



Baked Apple Pear Stuffing: I’ve always been a fan of having something sweet in my stuffing and seasonal fruits like apples and pears in this recipe sure do hit the spot. I really love this recipe and like using this stuffing starter for almost all of my stuffing recipes.



Pickled Root Vegetable Salad: This recipe shows up in my Thanksgiving episode that will air on November 17th and it’s a fun twist on those beloved root vegetables that always make an appearance at the Thanksgiving table. Rather than roasting them, which is what I always do, I wanted to try and quick pickle thinly sliced root veggies for both a different taste and texture. I love the pungent zippy flavors that are in this salad and think that it’s a great thing to have on your menu when everything else is heavy and comfort food like.



Cranberry Salad: Be still my heart. If you know anything about me and my Thanksgiving preferences, you know that my family’s famous cranberry salad is one of my favorite things to eat. Period. I don’t remember having a Thanksgiving without it. It may contain mini marshmallows and crushed pineapple, but believe me…no one is too good for this quirky holiday side dish. Admit it, you all have a family recipe that either incorporates jello, marshmallows, or something else trashy that you secretly love.



Rapid Rolls: It’s one of my most popular recipes on Cooking Channel’s website and always fool proof. Fresh rolls hot out of the oven are a mandatory part of my Thanksgiving meal.



Twice Baked Potatoes: This is my Grandma Karen’s recipe and you’re lucky she shared this one with me to share with all of you. These potatoes are all sorts of creamy, cheesy, potato-ey goodness. I love em’.



Sweet Potato Salad: I first had a version of this recipe from my friend Maribeth and remember being as impressed with the flavor as I was with its appearance. It’s bright and colorful and a great, yet unexpected way to enjoy sweet potatoes on turkey day.



Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms: This would be the perfect option for an appetizer, if you’re planning to be a holiday over-achiever. Or better yet, delegate and ask a family member or friend to bring an appetizer to prime everyone for the big meal. These stuffed mushrooms would be a delicious way to kick things off.



Mile High Apple Pie: You can’t have Thanksgiving without pie. It should be illegal. This classic apple pie has a lovely twist with a layer of almond paste on the bottom crust that adds a punch of almond flavor to the apples that is super complimentary and delicious. My sister-in-law Betsy was the first one to tip me off on this idea and I loved it. This is apple pie at its finest.


Apple Bread Pudding with Caramel Dessert Sauce: If you are looking for something other than pie to finish off your meal, you can’t go wrong with this sweet bread pudding. It’s easy to assemble and the sauce is so good that you’ll be pouring it over everything. This particular recipe is so good with a big fat scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side which most definitely requires and extra drizzle of the caramel dessert sauce.


Pear Crumble with Pomegranate Sauce: I’ll never refuse a crisp or a crumble this time of year and pears and the perfect pairing with a tangy pomegranate sauce.



Hopefully this lineup gives you a few different ideas about what will end up on your holiday menu this year. There is no better time of year for food, and these recipes won’t disappoint. I personally can’t wait to start cooking for the big day!



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Nov 22, 2011


In my book…it’s incomplete! One of the biggest and best family food traditions in my family has to do with a sweet cranberry salad that is treated like cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving served right alongside the turkey. It’s one of those retro recipes that might make you cringe with ingredients like crushed pineapple and mini marshmallows. Turn up your nose to such a recipe if you must, but trust me…this is so delicious in a very unsuspecting way. If you’re up for a risk when it comes to cranberries this holiday, I highly endorse this awesome recipe (courtesy my mom’s home economics class from when she was in the 8th grade)!


Maybe you’re looking for a more savory approach when it comes to a cranberry pairing for your turkey. You could go the traditional route with a classic cranberry sauce recipe or why not try something like Claire Robinson’s Spicy Cranberry Chutney. I like that it seems bit different than the norm and has some heat in there. Yum!


There’s no question which approach I’ll be taking this year- sweet cranberry salad all the way!


Download & print these Recipes.

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