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66 Responses to “Contact”

  1. judy garrett says:

    I love all of the aqua things you have in your kitchen. Could you please let me know where you got the aqua pepper mill you use?

    I really like the ease of your recipes and an definetly going to try the panzanella you made today.

    Please ler me know about the aqua pepper mill as ir would be perfect in my kitchen.

    • christine curtis says:


      I too am obsessed with the aqua colored pepper mill, did you get the info on where I can purchase one from?

      Thanks so much!

      • Lynn Elms says:

        So glad Kelsey has her own show on Cooking Channel. Loved her on Next FoodNetwork Star. Would you let me know where to get Kelsey’s aqua colored pepper mill? I want to buy one as a gift for a friend. Thanks, Lynn – Colorado

      • Liz McDaniel says:

        Could you let me know where to purchase your aqua colored pepper mill?

        Thanks so much in advance!

  2. Kathy Salmanson says:

    Hi Kelsey,
    I have been a fan since you competed in the Next Food Network Star and knew you were destined for greatness.
    I am 65 and have been cooking all my life, but never really liked it because I was intimidated. When I went out on medical leave a little over a year ago, I started watching more tv, especially cooking shows.
    I started watching your show and have learned so much from you because you break everything down and make it so easy.
    Because of you, I made my first piecrust ever and it came out perfect! I never baked before because things never came out as anything edible, but now, thanks to you, I feel like I can do anything.
    My next hurdle-bread.
    Keep up the good work and let your viewers know that it is never too late to learn!

  3. jennifer gottlob says:

    write a cookbook!!!! please:)

  4. Laura says:

    Can I use oranges instead of lemons in the chicken recipe? I don’t like lemons. Thanks

  5. Billie Newton says:

    I saw your recipie for Lemon Scented Crispy Chicken Thighs on the Today Show on March 1, 2012. I cannot seem to find the recipie to print out. Only the video. Why isn’t it on your recipie list as well?

  6. Michael Horen says:


    I saw the “Easy As Pie” episode today – good job! One tip I have with respect to pie crust…I have a plain, 18″x18″ marble floor tile I picked up at Home Depot FREE (it had a chip). I put it in the freezer to really chill it down, and when I’m ready to roll out my dough I take it out and cover it with a pastry cloth. I rub flour into the cloth (it stays in the cloth, not on the dough) and on my rolling pin, and I can roll the dough so easily – it can’t possibly stick because the marble is so cold and when I’m done it lifts up easily – so easy to handle! The best part is that there’s so little flour on the dough, which really improves the crust. This is a great rolling system. Love your show, baby…my wife and I are ready to adopt you – just say the word! ;)

  7. Mary says:

    I love your show and enjoy all the recipes. They are all so good and easy. My burning question is what color is your nail polish? It is so pretty and just the perfect red. Thanks so much and I agree – write a cookbook!

  8. Anonymous Andy says:

    Everything you cook looks amazing, and best of all it looks realistic and the difficulty is not over-the-top.

    I love you… please marry me!

    Seriously… =)

  9. Natalee says:

    Hey. I have 2 quick questions. 1. On your show when you make vanilla to give as gifts you said you found vanilla pod(beans) really cheap online.. Where did you find them? 2. What would you say is a good substitute for bell peppers? Im allergic and a few of the recipes you have done call for them.

  10. Carla says:

    when can we expect dvds of your episodes? I love watching the preparation instead of reading a book, and my DVR is full of your episodes.

  11. Nicole Loveless says:

    Kelsey, could you put up a post (or maybe you already have but I couldn’t find it) with the most essential tools to have in the kitchen. I see you working with lots of different tools on Kelsey’s Essentials, so I am wondering what you think are must haves for someone that loves to cook? Thanks =)

  12. Jacque Britton says:

    Hi Kelsey:

    I absolutely love your sunny style, and have since first seeing you on Next Food Network Star.

    I recently had gastric by-pass surgery. I am anxious to learn to cook in a “more friendly” style to accomodate my new dietary needs. Can you make some suggestions for me.

    By the way, I really enjoyed your show today focusing on Homemade Gifts. I would love to see some more of these as well.


  13. Cheryl says:

    Hi Kelsey,

    I watch your cooking show all the time from little old Cardston, AB Canada and love it! I can’t help but notice your CUTE modest clothing. Do you mind me asking where you shop? Thanks :)

  14. Tina says:

    Love your show. I have now gotten over my fear of cast iron and love cooking with it!
    Can you tell us where we can purchase the aqua pepper grinder you use on the show?

  15. Debra says:

    Saw your show today for the first time, you made that pie crust look so easy I will just have to try it!!
    I saw on your website ” cooking with: cast iron skillet” but I can not pull anything up including past recipes is this a glitch?

  16. Diana Nelson says:

    I discovered your show a few days ago and really loved all the recipes and most of all your energy and excitement in preparing all the dishes. Your also explained each step so well that it really made me want to try more of your dishes. I was watching your pie episode and a friend brought over a bunch of apricots and I decided to try your pie crust recipe and made two apricot pies. I must tell you that they were the best crusts I’ve ever made. They just melted in my mouth and were so flaky and everyone said they were the best they had ever tasted. Thank you so much. They were also the easiest pie crusts I had ever made too. I will definitely try more of your recipes and your show is taped so I don’t miss a single episode.

  17. Sandra says:

    Hi Kelsey: I’m an avid fan of your program because you cook foods we can easily pull from our pantries. I love the fact that you list the essentials needed for the recipe. My question is this: I’m looking a really good mini food processor. Is there one that you prefer or chefs prefer? Thank you.

  18. Yayi says:

    Love your show! love how you’re LDS!

  19. Helen says:

    Hi Kelsey
    How are you?
    I just wanted to drop you a quick line to ask how Oliver is doing? I have been praying for this little guy to grow big and strong so Mommy and Daddy can bring him home.
    Kelsey, I love your show.
    Many prayers for you,your husband and Baby Oliver.
    God Bless You All

  20. Ann says:

    Hi Kelsey, Just started following your show here in the UK and I am LOVING it. Before retirement I was a cookery tutor so it’s great to see you covering the basic essentials which cookery programmes made in the UK rarely do. The wonderful thing about cooking is no matter how much experience anyone has there is always something new to be learned. I’ll be following your blog now I’ve discovered it and hope that a cookery book from you will be available soon because your recipes are delicious – and your fans deserve a book!!
    Ann x

  21. breda edgely says:

    hi kelsey
    i have just started watching you show here in ireland. i am LOVING it . i love your style of cooking. could you please let me know the name of the knife for chopping vegetables. my daughter is buying her first knives and i didnt tape the show when you were recommending what knives to buy.
    breda edgely

  22. manuela says:

    hey kelsey!
    i love your show! i always try your recepies and have them all writen down in my book.
    you probably going to think im crazy but my questions today is about your nail polish!
    i love that red color! could you tell me which one is it?!
    thank you!!

  23. Janet says:

    Hi Kelsey I love your show and all your recipes! I was wondering why your website isn’t linked to Pinterest? I would love to share some of your recipes. Thanks

  24. Stephanie says:

    Want to have acsess to recipe on show dated 9/22/12,

  25. Frank Biddle says:

    Do you know the meaning of “literally”? It doesn’t mean “simply”. So many think by saying “literally” they are intelligent? It shows a real lack of education.

  26. Elizabeth says:

    Just want to say I love your show, congratulations on a Season 4 and your pregnancy. You are a joy to watch and your recipes are so good. Keep up the good work.

  27. Kenneth McKnight says:

    I love your show and the Fall is my time to shine. I made home made chicken noodle soup, with my easy to make egg noodles .It was and is a big hit at my house. Great time of year for a home made soup.

  28. frederica says:

    Today, I tried to remember to watch a repeat of your “Black Iron” show to see how to make your skillet corn cakes…but missed it.
    Are there eggs or anything else missing in the typed version of it in the “Cooking Channel” recipe.? It looks so good but has people who tried it wondering.
    It shows again on T.Day but I’m afraid I’ll too busy to catch it then…or full of turkey and asleep.

  29. Frank says:

    Just curious, why is it that celebrity chefs never reply to any comments or questions asked by their television or facebook viewers? We support them by watching their shows daily, purchasing their cookbooks and sometimes paying more for the book if it is personally autographed but, when we ask them a question through their website or Facebook page they remain silent. I’m sure that the people that do not get a response feel as though the chef couldn’t be bothered. Just imagine, if we didn’t bother following them, where would their income come from?

    Sorry, I don’t mean to be negative but this happens on almost every chefs website or Facebook page. I do hope things will change.

  30. Diana says:

    What is the name of the red nail polish you wear? I love your show!

  31. Lisa says:

    Just saw your show for the first time today (Mexican food in NYC)…while I look forward to seeing more
    I was disappointed to hear you pronounce some of the food in Spanish or rather mispronounce. For example “horchata” is pronounced without the “h”…which is always silent in Spanish. Being a native speaker this was painful to hear. If you are going to show food from another culture please take the time to learn the correct pronunciation—makes the show a bit more authentic. Gracias!

  32. Mona says:

    Hi Kelsey,

    Love the show…I am obsessed with that stacked looking gold ring(s) you wear…what is that? I love it

  33. Simply wish to say your article is as astounding. The clearness on your publish is just nice and i can assume you’re a professional on this subject. Well along with your permission allow me to snatch your RSS feed to stay updated with drawing close post. Thanks a million and please continue the gratifying work.

  34. Marcia says:

    Do you ever answer back :( ?I emailed you last year asking about your beautiful aqua pepper mill and never heard back :( I love your recipes an watch your show even re-runs every day!! Please tell me where I can find it!!!:(

    • kelsey says:

      Hi Marcia!
      The pepper grinder is from Anthropologie. I bought it a few years ago, but check their site for something similar!

      Good luck,

      • Jody Swisher says:

        Marcia, did you ever find the pepper mill? I have looked and looked for it too and can’t find it. Thanks for any help.
        Jody Swisher

        • kelsey says:

          Hi Jody!
          The pepper mill is from Anthropologie…but nearly 5 years ago! I get a lot of questions about it, so I’m always on the lookout and will post a resource if I find one.



  35. Pam Ericson says:

    Kelsey; recently saw your show on burgers, on the cooking channel. One important point, Real Rye Bread is not Square.

    You are, or have been, around NY you should know better. HA HA HA

    Enjoy your show.

    Pam Ericson

  36. Anna says:

    I helped my dad make the stuffed French toast for my mom for Mother’s Day and it was AMAZING!!!!!!! Even my dad (who is a professional chef) was impressed. I can’t wait to make it again along with everything else in the episode “Rise and Shine”.
    From Anna

  37. Jasmin P says:

    Dear Kelsey

    Pinkberry frozen yogurt shops have this amazing topping called melted choclolate crunch, I was wondering if you knew how to replicate the topping, or if you can replicate it?

  38. Joyce Koenig says:

    Hi Kelsey,
    I watch your show everyday but for some reason I can’t print any of your recipes. They come up blank. Very frustrating.
    Do you have a cookbook that I can find all your recipes in? I hope so, then I won’t have to worry about trying to print them out. I don’t know what’s wrong with the cookingchannel website either, same problem, recipes come up blank. Hope they can solve this problem.

  39. Sue Latham says:

    Kelsey love your shows. I was watching a show where you were making smoked sweet potato salad. Would love to know where I could get the smoker you used on your stove top. Thanks. And keep up the good work.

  40. JM says:


    We have a new game around here… “How Many Times Can Kelsey Say ‘perfect’, ‘actually’, ‘basically’ or ‘amazing’ during an episode?”

    What are you, fourteen?!

  41. Carl Smith says:


    I really enjoyed watching your new Cooking Channel special “Cans Make The Meal”. As a single guy who is learning how to cook the show offered some unique and creative ways to kick start a meal using canned goods. I love the concept of a “cantry”. Is there any chance that Cans Make The Meal will become a regular show on the cooking channel? I hope so.



  42. Leanne says:

    I just got your cookbook from my library yesterday. Well done! I’ve already marked a few recipes that I can’t wait to try. Much congrats on all your success :-)

  43. Jody Swisher says:

    I am unable to locate the peppermill that you use on your show. I checked with Anthropology and they no longer have it. Do you know the brand? Thanks and I love your show. :)

    • kelsey says:

      There’s no specific brand on the peppermill. It’s like a mystery product – I wish so badly I had a resource for you. I’ll keep my eye out!



      • Jody Swisher says:

        My last question on the pepper mill (promise). It looks like Jadeite on the TV. Is it a glass like material or wooden? I record.your shows on my DVR and watch them several times. I think you demonstrate cooking better than anyone on the food networks. Keep up the good work.
        Thanks Jody.

        • kelsey says:

          Hi Jody – it’s actually wooden. I would die for a jadeite pepper grinder!

          • Jody Swisher says:

            Thanks Kelsey. I am on the hunt for a Jadeite one. But wooden would be great too! :-) If I locate a Jadite one I’ll let you know. Love jadeite and you too!

  44. katherine palmer says:

    I too would love to know where I can purchase the aqua pepper mill. I’ve looked everywhere online! Thank you Kelsey!

  45. norma says:

    I want the recipe on 4/14 show….bagel…thanks

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