For what seems like years, updating my recipe tab has been on my to-do list.  I’ve been wanting to make it easy to organize, locate, and print recipes not only for me, but for you as well! Take a look at the new page and enjoy the recipes! I’ll be continually adding to each section, so be sure to check back occasionally.


Visit the tab on the menu bar on the top of my site or click here.  While we’re on the topic of website updates, you can now watch episodes of Kelsey’s Essentials here! 


Happy cooking!

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Utah Wedding Photographer


This week I celebrated a birthday! I turned 29 which is convenient since I will remain this age for the rest of my years! I feel great about the age and if anything, I’m actually a bit anxious to finally enter my thirties. But I will make the most of this next year and definitely  procure a 30 before 30 list. I love goals…and checking things off lists!


Since it was my birthday, cake was involved– and as a result I’ve been thinking about cake all week. I couldn’t help myself from sharing the most beautiful display of cakes you’ve ever seen that were served at my sister’s wedding last year. To keep the cake less formal, she wanted a collection of smaller vintage cakes so that guests could choose amongst different flavors. Aren’t they gorgeous?!


I opted for a big white wedding cake when I got married a few years ago and loved how traditional it was, but I’m a huge fan of this approach just as much! How about you, would you ever opt for a cake buffet at a wedding or big party?


Utah Wedding Photographer
Utah Wedding Photographer Utah Wedding Photographer Utah Wedding Photographer Utah Wedding Photographer Utah Wedding Photographer


Kylie’s cakes were made by the incredibly talented Maja (Salt Lake City based) who also made my wedding cake.  Photos of cakes by Heather Nan.

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As I’ve been researching episode ideas for the upcoming season I’ve really enjoyed reading about all of the anticipated food trends for 2013. This site in particular is awesome as it provides links to just about everyone’s predictions from the Huffington Post to NPR. I spent a good hour or two scouring over each of these links and reading about what food culture could look like this year. I’ve picked the five trends that I’m most excited about and listed them below.


1. Korean cuisine- I have a particular interest in Korean food as my brother is just getting ready to jet off to South Korea for a 2 year mission. While my family was visiting during the holidays we ventured to Korea town and had a couple of amazing meals and all I have to say is, I’m on board. What fantastic food! I particularly think that fermeted foods like kimchi will be popular and I’m really looking forward to using gochujang in my cooking as it seems to be one of the hot ingredients that everyone is buzzing about.


2. Artisnal Breads- Did you know that restaurants are starting to offer a bread course?! Sign me up ladies and gents. I feel like the past couple of years have been filled with advice to decline the bread basket at your table and cut out breads completely to trim your waistline. Well thank goodness we’ve been given permission to celebrate bread this year!


3. Mocktails- You may start seeing a few more drink options on the menu at your favorite restaurants that don’t include alcohol. As someone who doesn’t drink this excites me beyond words! Having more options than lemonade or Diet Coke will be awesome. I’m equally as excited to embrace this trend in my home kitchen and start giving some attention to creative mocktails that can be served at parties or even alongside dinner.


4. Chicken- Chicken is usually the cheap item on the menu that everyone avoids unless you’re on a budget. Things are apparently changing for America’s most popular dinnertime bird and a lot of attention is being given to creative chicken dishes. I’m so excited about this and excited to possibly incorporate a few new chicken recipes into the upcoming season.


5. Popcorn- Move over cupcakes and doughnuts, popcorn has arrived. The salty snack that’s been around forever will be getting a makeover this year with all sorts of flavor profiles. Think salt and vinegar popcorn or even dill pickle popcorn- I personally can’t wait!


What food trends are you most looking forward to this year?

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For me, fall is all about soup. It’s the gateway to months full of comfort foods and such an easy dinner on a brisk fall night. It’s also the best excuse to enjoy really good bread, either homemade picked up from your local bakery. Try this Rustic Fall Vegetable Soup. It will not disappoint and will surely make you feel cozy. Big bonus – it’s super healthy!








Living in the Northeast, I love to experience the beautiful changing leaves and fall foilage. I’m closely following this website so we hopefully catch it at its peak! We’ve made it a tradition to drive to the suburbs every year for apple picking.  Check out my post on apple picking here- we’re hoping to take Oliver for his first time within the next few weeks. I can taste the apple cider and doughnuts already!






I’m wearing a denim jacket any chance I get on these brisk fall days. It’s become my go-to piece as I’m running out the door to the grocery store or the pediatrician. It’s casual, comfortable, and goes with just about anything. It’s a piece that will last you for years and is perfect for layering.

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I love this kitchen infographic that I came across while perusing Pinterest late one night. The information is thorough and best of all it’s pretty to look at. To sweeten the deal it’s a free printable.  I like the idea of sticking it on the inside of one of my kitchen cupboards or if I’m feeling really ambitious maybe I’ll even laminate it so that it will stand up to messes in the kitchen. Click here to get a closer look!

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