I always wanted to be a hot breakfast kind of mom – you know, the type of mom that makes a hot breakfast for her family each morning. Well folks, it turns out I’m not a hot breakfast kind of mom, but I’m a really good weekend breakfast mom! The weekdays seem to be a bit too crazy in our lives right now for a sit down breakfast, but we love having lazy weekend mornings – especially when banana pancakes are involved! Both of these recipes are fantastic – both the mommy version and the baby version. If there are any pancakes that go uneaten (and there usually are), I always pop them in a freezer zip top bag and we’ll enjoy them throughout the week. This makes me feel like a hot breakfast kind of mom, even though I’m not!


I hope you love these two pancake recipes as much as we do our home! The caramelized bananas for mommy and the hint of peanut butter hidden in the baby version are particularly tasty!

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I love this easy family recipe for Chicken Tostada’s and it’s one of those recipes that we make over and over again in our house. Everyone loves it and I can throw it together in no time!  In fact…maybe this is what we’ll have for dinner tonight!


What are the weeknight dinner recipes that you make over and over again for your family?


Check out my entire “Family Food” series here.

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Cookie baking is in full swing with the holidays just around the corner. Check out the first webisode in my new ulive series “Family Food” where I make a carrot cookie that’s perfectly suitable for both mom and baby. (Mom’s version gets the bonus of an orange buttercream on top) These puffy pint sized cookies are crazy delicious with an unsuspecting ingredient…carrot baby food! Watch the webisode above and get the recipe here.


You can see the entire “Family Food” series here.

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Family Food


I’m ecstatic to share a sneak peek of my newest series on ulive called Family Food! Each webisode will share a recipe that can be made for mom and dad…and baby. As Ollie graduated to solid foods I made a big effort to feed him some version of what we were eating at each meal. I had to start thinking about cooking just a bit differently, but the changes were so simple and it made me feel good that I was offering a variety of new foods to Ollie. We’ll be sharing the first webisode on Monday, but you won’t want to miss this darling teaser to the series put together by my sister Kylie. We had so much fun filming it!

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I hope that everyone had the happiest Halloween! We had an absolute blast dressing up Ollie and made the most of the holiday. We actually received this chef costume when Ollie was born from a few different people. (I have gifted the others and it’s always a hit!) In fact, the size on this costume is 0-6 months and Oliver is 16 months old! When we tried it on a few weeks ago and it seemed to still fit, it was settled, we’d have a Chef Ollie for Halloween. He’s also been obsessed with playing with the whisk and other kitchen items lately, so we figured that he’d love carrying a few items around on the big night. The mustache was Robby’s idea and was the perfect finishing touch. We were shocked that he actually kept the hat on for most of the night! Our neighborhood went all out and we loved “trick or treating” from stoop to stoop. At one point I told Robby that everything was so cute and charming that I was on the brink of tears!


Afterwards we came home and ate chili with cornbread while watching Ghostbusters. Maybe my favorite Halloween since being a kid myself. Please enjoy an embarrassing amount of photos of my son dressed as a chef. (I simply couldn’t help myself!) Last year we only made it as far as putting a costume on, so the fact that we made it out the door to participate in the neighborhood festivities was a major win this year!


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