Happy Halloween folks! This week has been more ominous than anyone would have expected with plenty of scares. We have been incredibly fortunate and weathered the storm well. Hurricane Sandy was no joke, but we are some of the lucky ones that didn’t lose power and are also extremely grateful for our internet connection and hot water. Although, I had grand plans during the day to clean out closets and organize files if we lost power. Instead I’ve watched 48 hours of consistent CNN while reading friends’ status updates on Facebook. It makes me sick to think of all of the people stuck in the dark tonight with no power or heat. Sending lots of love to those to all those who are still weathering the effects of the storm. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery for the city I love so much and its neighbors who have been hit just as hard, if not harder.


Sandy has officially stolen Halloween’s thunder this week. In fact, at one point I saw a message scrolling on the bottom of my tv that read, “HALLOWEEN IS CANCELLED DUE TO HURRICANE SANDY.” Well, I refuse to let Sandy push us around any more and I’m determined to make this holiday as celebratory as possible- which means I will dress my son up in multiple silly costumes just to take pictures of him while eating fun size kit kat bars and playing Monster Mash on repeat. The other thing I’ll be doing is making a big ole’ pot of chili. Chili and Halloween go together like peanut butter and jelly. It just works. This is the perfect holiday to kick off a season full of comfort foods. I have two chili recipes on Cooking Channel’s website that I love, and asking me to pick my favorite one would be like asking me to pick my favorite sibling- impossible. Both are great, yet totally different with a few similarities. The Bison Chili has a bit more flare with the bonus of being healthy, while my Game Day Chili is as classic as chili comes. Let’s put it this way, if I were entering a chili cook-off, I’d make the Bison Chili, but if I was after ease and looking to pull together a quick weeknight meal, I’d make my Game Day Chili. Both are delicious and a perfect fit for kicking off the cold weather holidays.



Here is our sweet Oliver dressed up for his first Halloween. Mom wanted him to be a bee and dad wanted him to be Superman. I think it’s obvious who won the first costume battle. Poor kid has already been through no less than 5 wardrobe changes today. Happy Halloween and keep your fingers crossed for all of the victims of Hurricane Sandy this week!




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6 Responses to “Halloween Chili”

  1. J Young says:

    He is so cute and looks adorable in both but happier in just one. Get used to it Kelsey, the guys stick together. Happy Halloween.I have all the affected people of the hurricane in my prayers.

  2. Whitney says:

    The boy obviously wanted to be Superman, he knew it was on the table from the beginning and was probably wondering why he was a silly bee!!! The pics are SO cute!! I love his little smirk he’s thinking “oh yeah”!

  3. Kelsey – your baby is adorable – I love tiny baby costumes. And awesome chili recipe!

    I had a cooking contest at work today – so didn’t plan for a great Halloween dinner like this :)

  4. Robbie says:

    My grandson’s name is Oliver. He’s almost 2 and he is Max from Where the Wild Things Are.

  5. Linda Stoddard says:

    Had a baby bee trick-or-treater last night–too cute. I would have voted for the bee costume–think about it. He has his entire childhood to be a super hero, but what 8 year-old kid is going out the door on Halloween as a bee? ;-)

  6. Deb Morgan says:

    My vote is for Superbaby since he has shown what a little fighter he is. He looks adorable and very strong:)

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