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3 Responses to “dessert”

  1. Erika Warneck says:

    I record all your episodes. I watched “Moch Thanksgiving” and I can not fine anywhere online the sweet potato cupcakes. I have tried a lot of your dishes and am very happy with them. My email address is… if you can send it to me I would really appreciate it!


  2. Cheryl Rance says:

    I am looking for an recipe you made December 4th. with puff pastry with apples and pears. Please

  3. Stefanie Mecham says:

    Hey I am looking for the simple apple crisp recipe from season 1 of Kelsey Cooks. I have had it saved on my DVR forever and never wrote it down My DVR broke and I lost it. Could you please send it to me again at thanks

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