My parents have been in town this past weekend to celebrate our annual Mock Thanksgiving (more details to come this week), but I had such a fun experience on the subway with my mom and sister this morning. As we were getting off  at our stop some sweet lady said, “are you Kelsey from the cooking show,” I said, “Yes!” and she continued to say that she had recently made my Sunday Pot Roast recipe along with the Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies (see recipes below) and that her family loved them. Ironically both of those recipes come from each of my grandmas. The pot roast comes from Grandma Charlotte and the cookies come from Grandma Karen. To think that my family recipes are being made and loved in the homes of other families is the most rewarding feeling in the world. It was a short exchange but one that reminds me just how lucky I am to have such a wonderful job. (and good cooks for grandmas!)


These recipes also happen to be some of my most popular and best reviewed. I’ve posted a few more of my top reviewed recipes for you to flip through.  Click on the image to find the recipe. If you would like to read the reviews, click the link at the bottom of each post to find them.


Sunday Pot Roast 




Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies



Caramel Sauce

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While living in a city can feel limiting at times, I won’t let it interfere with my love for a good summer BBQ. We had a little family BBQ at Brooklyn Bridge Park, where they provide community grills with the best view I’ve ever seen. Check out my 3 tips for summer barbecuing on the Cooking Channel Blog.

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Summer is always about being on the go for me.  Now that I have Ollie in tow, getting him out of the house does wonders for both of our moods! Snacks are a must. I did a post on Cooking Channel’s blog about why these snacks pictured above are my favorite go-tos.  Check it out here and happy snacking!

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I thought that I’d mix things up around here and share some of my favorite baby essentials that I’ve discovered and fallen in love with over the past 6 months. Whether you have babies of your own, you are expecting, plan to have a baby one day, or need a running list of good baby shower gifts, I can’t recommend these products enough. I tried to pick things that weren’t as obvious as items like the Aden and Anais swaddle blankets, Carters basic white onesies, and the Boppy, but admittedly I love all of these things too and think that they should be must haves for any new mom. I discovered most of these fantastic items through friends who are moms and a few of them were gifts that I received and immediately fell in love with.

[Eat] Dria cover I was convinced that I didn’t need a nursing cover and could just use a blanket, so I put off the purchase for months. Well, I’m glad that I waited because in the meantime my friend Kathryn introduced me to the world’s greatest nursing cover that can also be used as a carseat or stroller cover and worn like a poncho. They even make it in a petite size that’s just right for me! The best feature is that the cover is made of the world’s softest cotton and I really like the simple patterns offered. It’s a bit pricier than other nursing covers, but when you factor in how functional it is and the fact that it doubles as something to wear, I think the cost is justifiable. Couldn’t be happier with this one.

[Sleep] Shi Shu Blanket Every baby deserves a luxuriously soft blanket to be wrapped up in. I found this beautiful and soft bamboo blanket on GILT and got a screaming deal. I actually bought it to give as a gift and when it arrived I loved it so much that I couldn’t part with it. The listed price is a bit steep, so keep an eye out for them on GILT. I see them on there quite a bit.

[Play] Mr. Whoozit This silly toy is lovingly referred to as Oliver’s BFF around here. He might like Mr. Whoozit as much as he likes his own parents! As far as first toys goes, this has been awesome. The contrasting colors and shapes make this interesting for any baby to gaze at and as they get older the plush feel and shape is perfect as they’re discovering things.

[Bathe] Burts Bees We have become big fans of the Burt’s Bees products during bath time. The smell is almondy and divine and we’ve found that it’s super sensitive on Ollie’s skin. We love that the soap lathers nicely, the lotion is thick almost like a baby body butter, and that the baby oil is nice to rub on dry spots or in Ollie’s case – on his beautifully bald noggin. Lucky for us, we’ve loved every item in this set including the diaper cream. It’s been a great fit for our boy and I’d give the set as a gift in a heartbeat.

[Clean] Organic Burp Cloths Ollie is a spitter and we use a lot of burp cloths around here. I’ve fallen in love with these organic burp cloths found on Amazon that are literally identical to another set I received from Giggle, but much cheaper. I ordered enough to have one for every day and it’s a great system for us.

[Read] Alex Girard Color We received this book from my dear friend Jeanne as a gift recently and it has found a spot in our daily book rotation. I love the modern images, simple story, and the length of the book is just perfect for a pre-bedtime story for a 6 month old.

[Wear] NY Onesie- Could you just die?! I’m obsessed with this foodie onesie that I found for Oliver at a sweet little boutique (with amazing gifts!) on Mulberry street called Piccolini. This city kid was made to wear this onesie.

photo by my sister (


Our Ollie is a growing boy at 6 months old and is truly our tiny miracle baby. His best tricks lately are rolling over, babbling all day long, and splashing in the tub so much that most of the water is gone by the time we wrap things up. He’s super cuddly and gives us his best smiles and giggles first thing in the morning. Now if we could only convince him that he’s not too big for naps! I adore being a mama, especially to this very special boy who is happier (and healthier!) than we could have ever hoped for.


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I love this kitchen infographic that I came across while perusing Pinterest late one night. The information is thorough and best of all it’s pretty to look at. To sweeten the deal it’s a free printable.  I like the idea of sticking it on the inside of one of my kitchen cupboards or if I’m feeling really ambitious maybe I’ll even laminate it so that it will stand up to messes in the kitchen. Click here to get a closer look!

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