If you were to snatch my phone and thumb through the pictures, you would notice that 85% of them are food. I am definitely “that person” that takes a picture of everything I order or make at home before diving in. It’s only embarrassing when I forget to turn off the flash in a dark restaurant. I’ve jumped on the Instagram bandwagon as well and I’m having a blast with the different effects. (Find me! Instagram username: kelseynixon) My next project is to actually print some of these Instagram shots using Postal Pix. My brother printed a few and was really happy with the results. Happy snapping!


p.s. Still in Italy and headed for London tomorrow. Can’t wait to sift through my photos and share the incredible experience I’m having eating my way through Italy! Ciao!

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10 Responses to “instagram: my month in food”

  1. Rebecca says:

    I’m from Louisiana (but currently live in Utah) and LOVE Bluebell Ice Cream. It’s not in stores West of Texas, so how did you score some? Were you down South?

  2. Rebecca says:

    Oh, and I meant to say that I haven’t seen Bluebell up in the Northeast either. How did you find it? Hmmm…curious!

    • kelsey says:

      I was in Texas for work! I never miss the chance to enjoy Bluebell when I’m visiting the great state of Texas. The only place that I’m aware of that has it in NYC is Hillcountry BBQ.

  3. So many delicious bites! I love that you have Chick Fil A mixed in there.

  4. Ericka says:

    Oh! I love Instagram..what pretty photos & great site, and wonderful show!

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