I shot a quick Thanksgiving spot while filming the last season of Kelsey’s Essentials where I offered up some of my best Thanksgiving advice and tips for those tackling turkey day this year. These were the first tips that came to my mind, but I’d love to answer a few more of your questions. Consider this an invitation for a Thanksgiving FAQ! Any question you have whether it has to do with gravy or pie crust, ask away on my Facebook page and I’ll be answering as many questions as I can up until the big day. I’ve also been posting some fun and helpful infographics about what you should be doing in advance to prepare for Thanksgiving on Facebook and Twitter. Planning makes all the difference in the world when pulling off a big meal and these tips should get you started.


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2 Responses to “Thanksgiving FAQ”

  1. Jane B. says:

    I have a Thanksgiving question!

    This year in an effort to simplify, we’re considering outsourcing the turkey instead of cooking one ourselves. Mostly this is a calculation of oven space and time – it may not be possible to cook everything if the turkey takes up the oven for 3 hours of the afternoon.

    But! Good gravy is so critical. Is there a way to make good gravy without the turkey drippings? Should we cook a turkey breast (or something) the day before and harvest the drippings for Tday?

    Any thoughts you may have would be appreciated!

  2. kelsey says:

    I can understand the need for oven space and have outsourced the bird a time or two myself. (smoked turkey one Thanksgiving in TX!) I think you are spot on with your idea to roast off a turkey before the big day and use those drippings to actually make your gravy in advance. Could be a great weekend project. Check out this link from the Kitchn that really spells out the process clearly: http://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-make-turkey-gravy-befor-132850

    Good luck!

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